Nora Abou El Seoud

Recognized by the Top 50 Women Forum as one of Top 50 Most Influential Women in Egypt for 2021, Nora Abou El Seoud is an educator and a youth empowerment professional. She is currently the CEO of Education For Employment-Egypt (EFE-Egypt), a nonprofit empowering youth through employability and entrepreneurship skills. Nora has more than 20 years of experience in the fields of education, training, and social development in multinational institutions and NGOs. Under her leadership, EFE-Egypt grew to over twice its size and extended its impact to cover all of Egypt in multiple sectors, impacting more youth and including more women and people with disabilities.

Nora holds a BA in Economics and Business Administration and MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from AUC. She is a business skills mentor, certified corporate director and a Women’s Rights Expert registered with the Afro-Asian Union.