Wafaa Mahmoud

Senior Programs Associate, EFE-Egypt

Wafaa Mahmoud has more than four years of experience in education, training and operations. She brings a diligent and supportive personality to our team.

Wafaa joined Education for Employment-Egypt (EFE-Egypt) in 2018 as a venue administrator after proving her capabilities as a volunteer. In recognition of her hard work and dedication, as well as her passionate support for EFE-Egypt’s beneficiaries she received quick promotions and is currently serving as Senior Programs Associate.  In this capacity, she handles program implementation and assists in coordinating with other departments.

Prior to EFE-Egypt, Wafaa started her career as a primary school teacher, giving her hands-on classroom experience and igniting her passion for education.

Wafaa holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Al-Alsun (Linguistics and Translation) from Ain-Shams University, specializing in the Turkish Language. She is also a proud alumnus of EFE-Egypt job placement training program (JPTP)