Eman Ismail

Senior Finance & Support Associate

Eman Ismail has more than 5 years of experience in personnel, administration and accounting. She brings in an initiative-taking and problem-solving attitude to the team.

Eman joined Education for Employment-Egypt (EFE-Egypt) in 2019 as an Accounting Assistant after proving his capabilities as a volunteer. One year later, she was promoted to HR and Administrative Associate in recognition of her work. Then, she got promoted to be Senior Finance and support Associate. Eman is a part of the finance team where she handles day-to-day transactions as well as handling of staff files and other administrative tasks.

Prior to EFE-Egypt, Eman worked as an Accounting Assistant. She also as a Sales Agent in multiple industries, including Information Technology and Healthcare. Eman holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Cairo University and is a proud alumnus of EFE-Egypt job placement training program (JPTP).